SE4122 unmarked speaker labels

HIWATT Cabinets and Speakers from the Hylight Electronics era

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SE4122 unmarked speaker labels

Postby wvdbos » Sun Feb 05, 2017 8:20 pm

Hi everyone, I recently bought a 1972 Hiwatt DR103 with two original SE4122 speaker cabinets. Now I would like to sell one of these cabinets because it's just too damn loud to use both :shock: .

But before I sell, I want to be 100% certain the purple Fane's inside are all original. The thing is, there's a serial number on only one of the speakers, and it's really hard to decipher. My guess would be 29/71. I'd appreciate if you guys could tell me your opinion, here's a link to the photo: ... 1.jpg?dl=0

Nonetheless, the three remaining speakers don't have a serial number at all, they just have the 122142 model n°, 50 watts power output, 17 000 Flux Density and 15 Ohms written on them. I did manage to get the cone codes though, which are the following: 7 102 024.

Could you guys help me out dating these speakers based on the cone code? Could it be that they labeled only one speaker inside the cab on purpose or out of laziness :) ? Have other people had the same experience? The cab serial n° is 2393, which would date it to 1972. Any answer would be a great help, thanks a lot!


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Re: SE4122 unmarked speaker labels

Postby Dr.HI-TONE » Thu Feb 09, 2017 12:57 pm

Hi, welcome to The Vintage HIWATT forum!
Purple Fane? I have never seen one.

These speakers did not have serial numbers.
what you are describing as 29/71 would be the week / year the speaker was made. I had difficulty reading it.

122142 is the model number of a 50w. speaker made specifically for HIWATT by FANE

The HIWATT decals sometimes did not adhere very well, they could have been lost over the years. or they may have never been applied at all.

if you have any overall photos of the cab wiring and speakers I can tell you if its original.

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